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Datemas Internet News Server

We offer over 27000 newsgroups.
This news server is listed at the Official Usenet Top 1000 servers.
Our preference is for text groups only. We do not carry binary contents. The cleanfeed filter is used to keep off binaries from text e.a.
Users have to declare to have an age of over 18 years.

Posting rules
Follow the netiquette of the respective group. Do not post binaries into text groups.
No spamming allowed, not more than 8 groups in a crosspost.
Complaints and reports:

As a brake against spamming there is a slow down after 200 posts sent out from a user, then allowing only about one post per minute. Pausing for 4 hours frees the brake. Networks of educational groups may ask for a special login without these limits. The X-Trace header is encrypted now, but the server admin will be able to discover the original poster.
This server is not free to abuse. Please limit your connections to 4 at a time.

Server location: Datacenter park in Falkenstein/Vogtland Sachsen/Germany at N 50°28′ E 12°20′

Registration includes posting access and costs 5.00 EUR per year.
Payable through or Bitcoin.
Order your access login at Order news server access
30 days try-out for free is possible, just ask by mail to newsadmin@

Einschreiben zum Benutzer mit Schreiberlaubnis (Posting) kostet 5,00 EUR im Jahr, zahlbar durch Banküberweisung oder Bitcoin.
Bestellen Sie Ihren Zugang auf Zugang zum News-Server bestellen
30 Tage kostenfrei zum Probieren

Questions or requests, mail to:

To connect to our news server
Port: 119 plain as usual or
Port: 563 for TLS secure connection
To login
Account name:
Password: ********
For the password please register first.

Look here for announcements

2016-03-29 21:49h: Some users of our news server having mail addresses from have made our servers IP address become listed at Hotmails blockade lists.

May be they have complained at Hotmail to have been spammed from, which is not the fact. This required me to deactivate all users with a Hotmail address.

If you as one of our news users cannot login to our news server any more please write to from a mail address NOT at Hotmail and give a new password to get a new login. Please use as a subject "Renew login to".

2015-12-23 20:28h: Finally we have updated our customer center and added a gateway to accept the Bitcoin currency. The payment with Bitcoins is recommended over because of much lower or no fees.

2015-04-12 18:12h: Secure connection on port 563 and plain connection on port 119 is possible on IPv4 as well as IPv6. You do not have to configure this, the network routers will use the appropriate mode.

2015-04-12 13:29h: Because we have a lot of disk space now, the retention will be more than 730 days, over two years. "Retention" is the time, messages regularily are kept in storage for our readers.


Politics: We are personally oriented to a political attitude of freedom in social responsibilty. This includes human rights, cultural tolerance and the obligation to help minorities.

Aktualisiert: 2016-01-02