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This page comes from our help and abuse desk of the news server admin.
These rules only apply to usenet news, also called newsgroups. For our Webservice Datemas the publishing laws of Germany and the European Community are to be observed.

And because we all are nice people over the usenet, we see it all with a smile and a good thought.

Here are our guidelines for handling complaints:

If from our server
someone writes cheating under your name
your messages are nntp-cancelled from third party
a poster does criminal threats against another
then report it to our abuse desk and we will try to help you.

We respect the freedom of the speech.
Postings off topic are not our newsadmin's concern.
If a poster is annoying, put it into your ignore filter. If no one reads the referred, he/she will cease soon.
When you have problems with offensive or nasty vocabulary, you should try to clear this with the poster or the responsible person in your group.


Aktualisiert: 2010-04-04