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Datemas Internet News Server news.datemas.de

Aktualisiert: 2015-08-24
The server's specifications for newsgroups peering

Host: newsfeed.datemas.de
Port: 119
Contact: newsadmin@datemas.de
Path name: newsfeed.datemas.de
Feed to: newsfeed.datemas.de
Accept from: newsfeed.datemas.de
Max. article size: 1000000 bytes
Software: Linux, INN 2.5.3, Cleanfeed
Hierarchies: !*,...hierarchies...,@*bina*,@*.bain*,@*dateien*,@unidata.*
- Hierarchies may be an example only.

Path data are submitted daily to http://top1000.anthologeek.net. Instructions on how to send the path data to usenet top1000 can be found at Top1000 howto.

Admins of news servers who like to exchange news with us should run a server with a permanent internet connection over a static IP. Please write mail to newsadmin(at)datemas(dot)de for exchange of data.

We exchange news with these peers:
news.albasani.net in DE news.databasix.com in US-PA
news.redatomik.org in FR news.eternal-september.org in DE
news.nobody.at in AT news.neva.ru in RU
enother.net in US-NJ nntp.t-fcn.net in CA
weretis.net in DE newsfeed.hal-mli.net in US-TX
feeder.erje.net in NL news.rt.uk.eu.org in UK
usenet.farm in NL news.bbs.geek.nz in NZ
news.samoylyk.net in AT

The current listing of our peers and our server on usenet top1000
 Rank	Pathname of server  from date: 2018-08-22
    6	goblin.stu.neva.ru
    8	feed.usenet.farm
    9	feeder2.usenet.farm
   11	feeder.erje.net
   42	1.eu.feeder.erje.net
   43	feeder6.news.weretis.net
   44	feeder4.news.weretis.net
   49	4.us.feeder.erje.net
   50	feeder4.usenet.farm
   52	2.eu.feeder.erje.net
   65	feeder3.usenet.farm
   74	news.albasani.net
   84	3.us.feeder.erje.net
   85	2.us.feeder.erje.net
   95	news.redatomik.org
   96	aspen.stu.neva.ru
  105	1.as.feeder.erje.net
  117	newsfeed.datemas.de
  119	s5.usenet.farm
  121	s4.usenet.farm
  126	s3.usenet.farm
  131	s2.usenet.farm
  137	s1.usenet.farm
  154	feeder5.news.weretis.net
  227	news.samoylyk.net
  241	news.nobody.at
  373	reader.news.weretis.net
  409	post1.erje.net
  412	post2.erje.net
  494	its.enother.net
  511	news.eternal-september.org